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Christos Savvides, 4Creative’s executive producer, digital, said: “The Big Bang Theory has been a huge hit for E4 and there’s a lot of excitement around the final episode.

“Our concept combines the science and nerdy-ness of the show, whilst building anticipation for the finale by driving engagement and rewarding fans with a memento for social kudos.”

Christos Savvides, senior digital producer at 4Creative, added: “The rapid rise in voice assistant devices shows that people are willing to let A.I. into their family homes as part of their daily lives. These devices run on what could be seen as similar technology to the brains of the Synthetic Humans featured in the show, creating the perfect platform for our campaign.

“We loved the idea of flipping the Turing test on its head so rather than detecting if a machine is sentient, ‘The Human Test’ determines if the user is in fact, a machine.”

An audio recording of the BAFTA Guru Live Session discussing the conception and production of the Humans Series 1 Campaign.

Humans wins Digital Creativity – BAFTA TV Craft Awards 2016 from Christos Savvides on Vimeo.

Christos Savvides, senior digital producer at 4Creative, spoke about a Facebook Messenger chatbot which was created for Channel 4’s award-winning digital campaign to promote the new series of Humans.

We were extremely fortunate to get some time with Christos Savvides, Senior Digital Producer at 4creative, who was part of the infamous team behind the multi-award-winning campaign for Channel 4’s Humans. He gives us exclusive insight into what a day at Channel 4’s in-house creative agency looks like and offers up his top tips for those looking for a similar career.

After working for a string of small companies, Christos joined Channel 4’s in-house creative agency, 4creative as a senior digital producer. He now spends his days at Channel 4 HQ coming up with ways to complement and build on core campaign ideas and has worked on award-winning campaigns for shows including ‘Humans’, ‘The Aliens’ and ‘Hunted’ as well as the much-applauded Paralympics campaign for the Rio 2016 Olympics. We caught up with him as we lets us in on life at 4creative.

As part of a teaser campaign for the series, the 4Creative team – including senior digital producer Savvides – created a fictional brand, “Persona Synthetics”, which manufactures the “synths” –artificial humans – in the programme.